Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area Trail


Aboiteau Road, Wallace Bay, Northumberland Shore



The Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area Trail near Pugwash in the Northumberland Shore region is a 4 km loop trail along diked wetlands, in an important migration and breeding habitat for waterfowl. There are numerous bird watching opportunities along the way, including a view blind at 1150 meters. Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area is a shared use area.  Hunting, fishing, and trapping (by humane methods) are permitted during the scheduled seasons. The area is a favourite area for waterfowl hunters during the fall. The wearing of blaze orange during hunting seasons is strongly advised.

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Detailed Information

Trail length: 4.00 km / 1.00 hrs
Trail type: Day-use trail
Trail surface: Natural
Activities: Birding & wildlife, Cross country skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Snowshoeing