Sailing CBI

Months of Operation

June 1 - October 30


Baddeck, Cabot Trail


T: 902-567-1494




The story begins by leaving your shoes, cares and worries behind on the wharf in the picturesque sailing village of Baddeck and stepping onto the CapeBretoner1, a 42-ft luxury catamaran that is so grand, steady & smooth you'll soon forget you are sailing on a body of water that is as deep as the mountains are high. Sailing upon Canada's largest inland saltwater sea –1000 kilometres / 600 miles of shoreline! – the Bras d'Or Lake, you will enjoy breathtaking scenic views.

Sailing CBI Inc offers day and multi-day unique customized experiences. Become a 'slipper skipper' and relax on the many lovely living spaces onboard. Let your captain navigate you to charming uninhabited anchorages. Wake up on the catamaran in the arms of Mother Nature. Swim and enjoy warm (24°C / 75°F), pristine waters. Beachcomb or relax while the hospitable crew prepares meals  with locally sourced flavours of the island. Cozy up under a blanket, lie back and watch thousands of stars dance a jig in the completely blackened night sky.

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