Keppoch Mountain


193 Keppoch Road, Keppoch Mountain, Northumberland Shore




Keppoch Mountain is a former alpine ski hill that has been revamped as a four-season outdoor activities facility run by a non-profit organization. 40km of non-motorized, multi-use wilderness trail system is supported by a clubhouse that offers bathrooms, a warm seating area, canteen, staff offices, tool storage, outside decks, and picnic area.

Enjoy cycling and hiking during the spring, summer, and fall, and snowshoeing in the winter months. 

Keppoch Mountain hosts several events throughout the year including two Family Fun Days each winter where coasting, snowshoeing and tobogganing take place and are open to individuals and families at no charge.

Cycling events are hosted each year in conjunction with Bike Nova Scotia. Membership with Bike Nova Scotia is encouraged and fees are involved for races.

Keppoch Mountain offers a 15 km network of mountain bike trails for all levels (beginner to expert), ranging from 0.5 to 5 km in length. A mountain bike shuttle service is offered which transports both rider and their bike to the top of the mountain. A large pump track and a beginner mountain bike loop was added in 2014 as the first phase of the Kinsmen Bicycle Skills Park.

We have a 5 km perimeter multi-use trail called "Summit Loop" at Keppoch Mountain that encircles the former ski hill and ascends approximately 180 metres. It is gradual with average grade of 5% and considered an easy walking or cycling trail. It returns to the lodge and can be completed in approximately one hour at normal hiking speed.
There is a similarly designed 2.5 km spur named " Big Allan" that joins the Summit Loop 1 km west of the lodge with lovely afternoon light and beautiful views. It returns to the lodge by reversing on itself, again, for a total return distance of 5 km.
A small spur arises from Big Allan that is a narrow meandering single track well suited to a challenging technical mountain bike ride that ascends about 100 meters to a maple sugar bush and joins Big Allan about 1 km along near the second bridge.
We have a short trail near the lodge that rolls with only a 10 meter elevation above our parking lot, with a length of approximately 300 meters suitable for children to develop mountain bike skills and for a short forest hike that has an easy designation. We call it the "Little Peak" trail.
There are six downhill cycling trails that vary from 1 - 1.5 km in length all originating from the summit and converge at the base of the mountain (lodge). Chicken Cougar, Roller, Money Shot, Old School, Freeride, and Skyline.
The easiest is on the north edge of the mountain or far left as you look uphill and it is named "Chicken Cougar". It is an intermediate cycling trail designated one way down only, in biking season as are all the downhill cycling trails. Chicken Cougar is a favorite with all cyclists and is not only exciting but has been professionally designed and built. The downhill trails increase in difficulty and steepness as you cross the mountain to the right in a southerly direction.
They have banked turns or "berms", rollers, and rolling drops as features. Natural hazards exist, and they are "use at own risk" requiring some advanced skills.

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Trail type: Day-use trail, Wilderness trail
Activities: Hiking, Snowshoeing,