Surf’s Up

The surf scene in Nova Scotia is a complete year-round deal. With the extensive and varied coastline, you'll find the waves you want somewhere in the province on any given day. September, with its moderate temperatures and juicy hurricane-season swell is prime time, but the hardcore thrill riders love those wicked waves of winter.

The local surfers will welcome you warmly especially at popular spots like White Point, Martinique, Summerville and Lawrencetown Beach. There are many charted breaks particularly in and around Halifax, and yet there are still plenty of opportunities to explore your own secret sites.

Nova Scotia is gaining international recognition as a great surfing destination. The province possesses thousands of kilometers of coastline, and a topography that gives up everything the ocean needs to form sweet breaks (drumlins from the last Ice Age, long peninsulas, curving bays, and rugged mountains).

Whether you are a tow-in surfer looking for hurricane generated twelve-foot Tahitian-style barrels or an average surf hound seeking one of those fabled breaks that peel for nigh onto a kilometer, you are going to be glad you brought your board to Nova Scotia.

Find top quality surf shops with the big names you love along with lessons and rentals if you need them. Learn-to-surf packages are available from surf outfitters and from some accommodations operators.