MacInnis Bluefin Tuna Charters

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August to October


5797 Highway 245, Arisaig, B2G 2L1, Northumberland Shore


T: 902-863-1509



With over 50 years of combined experience fishing Giant Bluefin Tuna in the waters around Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Rhode Island, MacInnis Bluefin Tuna Charters will provide you with a big game fishing experience of a lifetime!

Each year, from August to October, one of the most beautiful times of year in Nova Scotia coincides with Bluefin Tuna fishing season.  You will be welcomed aboard your private charter, with room for up to 6 guests, and you will spend the day chasing and fighting giant Bluefin Tuna on the Northumberland Strait. You have a choice of fishing with stand up gear or the fighting chair, with the guiding expertise of Captain Stevie MacInnis and his sons, Dan and Shaun.

Captain Stevie has been fishing Bluefin Tuna commercially since 1979, his largest catch weighing in at 1,421 pounds, and hauling in a 1,200 pound fish the same day. He was the successful Angler of the 5-time winning team (Old Stick) for the Sharpe Cup in the annual Halifax Nova Scotia International Tuna Tournament and he has worked with the industry, Department of Fisheries and conservation groups for more than 30 years. He is a member of the Gulf Nova Scotia Tuna Association, an industry representative for ALPAC and has worked with research scientists in tagging Bluefin Tuna for research purposes with Tag-A-Giant for 8+ years (you can read more about his experiences on the Tag-A-Giant blog under the heading “The Carrie Anne Show.”)  

Working with Stevie on board the FV Carrie Anne, a 45’ Kensington fibreglass boat with Cummins 490 hp engine, is his son, Dan. Dan has several years of experience sport fishing around the world, including work experience onboard luxury yachts throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean and in the Pacific off the coast of Alaska and Costa Rica.  Dan ran a sport fishing operation for M.Y. Ice Bear out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica in 2012 - one of the most famous sportfishing destinations in the world.  

MacInnis Bluefin Tuna Charters uses custom rods with penn 130 international reels in excellent condition, following IGFA rules - 180 lb test line, kites, live and artificial baits, and barbless circle hooks to reel in these giant Bluefin Tuna which often weigh in the vicinity of 1,000 pounds. 

MacInnis Bluefin Tuna Charters promises a warm, welcoming and exciting adventure in big game sportfishing!

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