Blue Beach Fossil Museum

Months of Operation

May 12 - October 31


127 Blue Beach Road, Hantsport, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley


T: 902-790-9541



Blue Beach fossils hold the key to evolution’s greatest mystery: the oldest four-legged creatures (~350 my.) that ultimately led to the amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals of today.  

The Blue Beach Fossil Museum, (located minutes from Hantsport and close to Grand Pre and the Annapolis Valley) has an amazing display of remarkable fossils to explain this incredible story.  

You will see the world’s oldest collection of fossil footprints, and the rare bones of the creatures that left them behind.  As well there is a variety of extinct fish evidence including fossilized bones of a 5-meter beast that could crawl on its fins.  Also, the fossil plant material represents some of the earliest Carboniferous Forests ever seen.  

Blue Beach is a short walk from the museum and visitors are advised to experience the museum first to help them identify what to look for at this world-class Bay of Fundy fossil site.

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