NovaScotian Crystal

Hours Of Operation

Mon–Friday: 9am-6pm

Sat-Sun: 10am-5pm


5080 George Street, Halifax, Halifax Metro


T: 902-492-0416

T: 888-977-2797

F: 902-492-0428



The only crystal maker in Canada, NovaScotian Crystal breathes life into the traditional art of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal year-round on the Halifax Waterfront. Crowds from all over the world gather outside the Glassworks door to watch our master craftsmen turn molten crystal into stunning wine glasses, bowls, vases and other works of art. Next door to the glassworks you can survey the final product in our showroom and discover our large variety of beautifully finished pieces: from stemware and barware, to vases, bowls and awards. While you’re visiting the showroom, ask our staff to tell you the story behind the Titanic pattern and find out what makes our distinctive single malt glass so exceptional. If you’re travelling or a visitor to Halifax, don’t worry; we can safely ship any purchases home for you, covered by our Crystal Clear Guarantee. The glassworks operates daily Monday through Friday, and the showroom is open 7 days a week (closed Sundays in winter). We’re a must-see for anyone visiting the Halifax Metro region!

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