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Arts & Crafts

Unique Nova Scotian Arts and Crafts

Handcrafted woodcarvings, weaving, glass and ceramics are just some of the treasures visitors take home as to remember their fun-filled Nova Scotia vacation. In Nova Scotia, many artisans work with traditional materials and our history, culture, and natural landscape are a key source of both materials and inspiration. Finding that unique treasure that captures the essence of the province lets you to bring a little piece of Nova Scotia home with you to serve as a conversation piece for years to come.

Nova Scotia Designer & Craft Studios

Many local artists open their studios and galleries to visitors so that they can engage in the artistic process first-hand. Each artist is a member of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and/or the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

Tour Nova Scotia's Art Galleries

Halifax has a large number of art galleries and studios for you to tour. As well, most towns and villages throughout Nova Scotia have artisans and crafts people happy to open their galleries and studios to visitors.

Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council is an organization which represents more than 300 local artists and craftspeople through various activities to promote their talent, both locally and on a global scale.

Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design

The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design represents artisans located on Cape Breton Island. This organization offers craft workshops and special events to the public so that all lovers of arts and crafts can join in independent of their individual skill level.