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So many great things to see and do in Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia attractions celebrate the best of the Province, from sports heroes to legendary musicians, and reconstructed fortress towns to seaside vineyards. Here are just a few ideas:

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Outdoor Activities

There are a few activities that must be experienced in Nova Scotia! Tidal bore rafting (and mudsliding!) on the highest tides in the world, and great year-round surfing are just a few examples:

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Guided tours are a great way to experience Nova Scotia. Sit back in comfort or take the reins yourself— there is an excursion for every taste:

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Galleries, Shops & Artisans

Nova Scotia is a haven for artisans and craftspeople. You can find studio artists working in many different media: visual arts, sculpture, wood, glass, quilting and specialty foods. You’re sure to find that one-of-a-kind keepsake of your Nova Scotia visit:

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