Beavertails - Waterfront


1751 Lower Water St, Queen's Wharf behind the Maritime museum

Halifax , Halifax Metro


Cuisine Style: Specialty Desserts

Type of Restaurant: Fast Food Take-out

BeaverTails have been referred to as a Canadian culinary icon. These deliciously addictive, traditional whole-wheat pastries are stretched by hand to resemble the tail of a beaver, one of Canada’s best-known national symbols. The pastries are then float cooked on high quality canola oil and served piping hot, topped with butter and a choice of delectable flavours such as cinnamon sugar or maple butter.

We also offer organic fruit smoothies in a variety of flavours such as pina coloda and peach mango that are deliciously refreshing on a hot summer day on the waterfront and French vanilla frozen yogurt that is 97% fat free.

Come visit us at one of our 3 locations in Halifax; the Halifax Waterfront, Point Pleasant Park and Sir Sanford Fleming Park near the Dingle Tower. We are open from May until the end of October.