Hell Bay Brewing Co.


38 Legion St


South Shore

Rates & Dates

Tuesday-Saturday 12 pm -5pm. Starting June 1: Monday-Saturday 10 pm -5 pm. Closed Sundays.

Hell Bay Brewing Co is a small brewery established in 2011. The company's founders started the business in one third of a 150 year old barn on their personal property, brewing only 60 litres per week. Today we brew over 3,500 litres per week, of traditional and non-traditional ales, using all natural ingredients: Water, malted barley,yeast and hops. We take pride in our long fermentation process that allows sediment to fall naturally, thus making our product 100% non-filtered. Our beers are bold in malt flavour and are balanced perfectly with hop aroma and bite. We make one Hell of a great beer!


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Master Maker

Mark R. Baillie

Signature Product

English Ale