Photo & Video Gallery

Nova Scotia has an extensive digital assets library of high-resolution photos and videos from around the province. These images and videos are a sample of what we have to offer.  If there isn't an image that meets your need you can contact us directly with your request.

All our images and videos can be found online in a Baberstock catalogue. You may register as a user and login to browse and download photos and videos at your convenience.  

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Photo & Video Terms & Conditions

The Nova Scotia Tourism Agency Digital Assets Library contains images and footage of Nova Scotia in high-resolution formats and are made available to tourism industry and operators, including travel writers, media representatives, and other travel trade representatives for use in promotion of Nova Scotia as a tourism destination.

These digital assets are available at no cost and may be reproduced for the following purposes:

  • Promotional materials, not intended for retail sales, such as brochures promoting a specific area and/or all of Nova Scotia
  • Convention and trade show materials, not intended for retail
  • Articles for newspaper, magazines and broadcast featuring the province of Nova Scotia
  • Web sites promoting Nova Scotia and/or to create awareness
  • Social media promoting travel to Nova Scotia

Digital assets cannot be used for commercial purposes. For example, the following types of uses are prohibited:

  • Materials related to tobacco, alcohol and religious or moral issues
  • Retail items or materials intended for sale such as books, calendars, postcards, place-mats, screen savers, or souvenirs (e.g., T-shirts, playing cards, water bottles, etc.)
  • Packaging or promotion of products intended for sale
  • Personal and commercial letterhead and promotional materials
  • Materials designed for interior decoration
  • Materials used for partisan political purposes
  • Advertising materials to promote non-tourism related business