The First Nations called it Mi'kma'ki, the French called it Acadia, the British called it New Scotland. We hope you’ll call it captivating.   Learn about the lives of Native People before European contact at a heritage museum in Bear River, then travel forward to the Fortress of Louisbourg, the largest historical reconstruction in North America.

But our history is not just about graceful schooners and welcoming cultures…there have been battles, social upheaval, and an earth-shaking disaster known as the Halifax Explosion. And Nova Scotia was (and perhaps still is) home to more than a few rebels, rogues and rum-runners. There were even ‘legalized pirates’ called privateers who haunted the cold waters of the Atlantic, looking to profit by capturing foreign ships.

27 Provincial Museums & 10 Living Historical Sites

Living the past at our museums and historic sites.  There are 27 provincial museums that explore the history of this place and the many cultures that call it home. One museum pass can open up all these doors into bygone days. And the past becomes a full-on sensory experience at any of the 10 living historical sites in Nova Scotia. Cannons blast and blacksmiths forge as interpreters get in character to make history something you can touch – and even taste.  

5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

We have 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (the Acadian homeland of Grand Pré, Old Town of Lunenburg, and Joggins Fossil Cliffs) and 2 UNESCO Biospheres (Bras d'Or Lake and Southwest Nova).  See for yourself how Nova Scotia adds to the richness of world culture!

Bluenose II

Board the iconic Bluenose II in Lunenburg and navigate your way through the age of sail.

National Parks & Historic Sites

National Parks & Historic Sites are found in multitude in Nova Scotia!  A few highlights include: