Middleton and the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum

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Digby Sunrise, Fisherman's Wharf

It was our last morning in Digby.  I woke up extra early and walked along the giant wharf, past the fish processing plant and the scores of little boats.  Subway, the fast food franchise, opened by 6AM so I bought a coffee and sipped it while the sun rose through the clouds and fog on the Bay of Fundy.

The Nova Scotia Archives

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It was over a year ago when I started filming the Routes to Your Roots video for the Nova Scotia Archives.  The Archives is located at the corner of University Ave. and Robie St., just on the edge of Dalhousie campus. The NS Archives is the largest archives in the province boasting more than 1.8 Km of textual records.  It's also a fascinating building with vault after vault of historical treasures.

Filming the Routes to Your Roots videos allowed me the privilege of seeing some of Nova Scotia's most important relics.  I've seen Mi'kmaq contracts written on sheep skin, Acadian land grants, slavery documents and more than I could ever possibly realize.  I've seen Joseph Howe's signature countless times and thousands upon thousands of great photographs.  There were paintings, drawings, designs and maps.  Also:  school books, written histories, shipping lists and hundreds of years of census records.  History is the accumulation of everything so there's certainly something for you at the archives.

Thanksgiving Weekend - a tale of two rides

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It is always fascinating to see how flour was originally milled instead of a loaf just appearing in the supermarket. The sound of the waterfalls and waterwheel made for a great noisy arrival and backdrop for face painting, balloon animals, barbeque and wagon rides. The horses Lady and Kate pulled us on a tour around the fields and back to the mill.

Night at the Archives

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The artifacts don't come to life (I think), but there will be some cool things happening at the Public Archives Building this Saturday evening. We're taking part in the third annual Nocturne: Art at Night festival.

Cape Split - Five Island Park - Cape d'Or - Cape Chignecto - Joggins Fossil Cliffs - Balmoral Grist Mill - Sutherland Steam Mill - Tatamagouche - Cape George & Anchors Above Ziplining

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Time seems to rush by and we had to leave Keji after some more hikes and landed up at Cape Split where we met some 'old' hiking friends to hike to the tip of the cape. Unfortunately I lost my "be prepared" camera at this trail a Canon IXSUS 70, so go for a hike and if you find my camera feel free to send it back to me...

Corn Chowdah ReMiXeD & ReInVeNtEd

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During a trip to the Dartmouth Farmers' Market a couple of weeks ago, fresh valley grown corn was plentiful - what better time to test this recipe! Corn Chowder can be made any time of year, but why not take advantage of ingredients at their freshest. Corn is harvested in Nova Scotia August through October, so if you're local, now is a great time to give this recipe a whirl.

Mama's Little Rhubarb

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Lunenburg's Magnolia's Café has a secret weapon - Rhubarb Relish! If you're not from Nova Scotia's South Shore, you're probably thinking - Rhubarb? - Relish? - Wha? Oh yeah, you read it correctly - fishcakes aren't fishcakes without Rhubarb Relish. Its sweet and tangy flavor is the perfect compliment to any type of white fish based dish. After years of eating fishcakes and rhubarb relish at Magnolia's Grill, the time had come to attempt to duplicate this delicious delight. After researching recipes a bit, we felt that the Dutch Oven recipe seemed to be a good bet.

Port Hood and the Chestico Museum

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It's been a great summer in that I've been able to visit Cape Breton several times.  This time I was pretty excited to visit the southeastern part of the island, specifically Port Hood, Judique and Mabou.  Susan and I were booked at the

Tatamagouche Oktoberfest

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Take an Adventure 300 Million Years in the Making at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs

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Nestled along the shore of the scenic Bay of Fundy and about 30 minutes from Amherst or Parrsboro is the Joggins Fossil Cliffs: Canada's 15th UNESCO World Heritage Site.