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Travel to Canada

Canada Tourism Guide

Are you planning to travel to Canada? Canada is an incredible land of broad forests and crystal clear lakes; towering mountains and sandy beaches; wide open prairies and secluded ocean inlets; quaint villages and bustling cities. In fact, it’s a country with literally something for everyone. From its Pacific to Atlantic coasts and from its rugged north to its southern border, Canada offers visitors the chance to choose their own adventure – whatever it may be – and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel to Canada from the U.S.

Canada is a place that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Let our Canada tourism section assist your trip planning with practical advice on travelling to Canada from the U.S., passport and visa requirements, how to get to Nova Scotia and even the weather you can expect during your visit.

Travel to Canada from Europe and the UK

If you’re travelling from Europe or the United Kingdom, you might feel overwhelmed by Canada’s size. While you might be used to traversing a country in hours, Canada’s 10 million square kilometres of land, encompassing six time zones, can take days to cross from coast-to-coast. However, as you’ll learn, getting here is easy – and exploring the country is a journey you’ll never forget.

Travel to Nova Scotia

If you look at a map of Canada, Nova Scotia is easy to spot. Its distinctive shape – almost completely surrounded by ocean, outlined by hundreds of harbours and coves, and dotted by scenic Cape Breton Island – stands out like a welcoming beacon to Canada’s Atlantic coast. It’s also easy to get to by land, sea and air. Once you arrive, you’ll find the people and places of Nova Scotia to be as distinctive as the land – an experience like no other!

Canada’s Culture

Of course, what makes Canada truly special is its people and their culture. Friendly, outgoing and welcoming are just some of the words visitors have used to describe Canadians. Over the course of history, this country has been cultivated by people from across the globe. Their impact on the country can be seen in Canada’s wide-range of colourful streetscapes, historical landmarks, mouth-watering cuisines, enthralling music and in its symphony of languages. Just click on the links below for all the tools, tips and information you’ll need to travel to Canada.