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Travel Trade Resources

Familiarization Tours

Learn about Nova Scotia first-hand. In partnership with our tourism industry, we can show you what makes us uniquely different from any other destination. Discover the places to stay that best meet your clients’ needs and the little gems of authentic experiences which will have them wanting to come back for more. Contact our sales team >

Itinerary Planning & Development

Our sales team are happy to assist with your planning and itinerary development by providing:
- advice and feedback 
- destination training 
- presentations
- lap maps, video, images, collateral materials
- sample itineraries

Marketing Strategy

To better understand who visits Nova Scotia and where they come from, our Marketing Strategy can be found here.


The market intelligence gathered by our research team can help you to better understand and target your activities for greater success.

Tour Operator Partnership Program (TOPP)

Strategic tour operator partnerships are an important element of Nova Scotia’s tourism marketing efforts and an effective way to develop and sell packaged Nova Scotia product. The main objective is to increase opportunities for the optimal delivery of Nova Scotia packaged product to the travel trade and consumer.