Halifax Sunrise

Par sduffett, sur lun, 24 Jan 2011 | 1 Comment

The picture above was taken at dawn, looking south toward McNab's Island in the Halifax Harbour.
What you can see is Hangman's Beach (originally called Maughers Beach) jutting out from McNab's Island in the Halifax harbour. On the right is the tiny lighthouse at the end of the spit. The beach has a gruesome if not interesting history.

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Just Because It's Winter...

Par rfaulkner, sur ven, 14 Jan 2011 | 1 Comment

With winter well underway, many feel the need to pack it in for the hiking season. But, for the well dressed out there, that simply means that we have many areas to ourselves.

Provincial Parks still encourage people to cross the gates and use the park during the winter months. There are a number of parks in the Halifax area that offer not only a great hike, but a few geocaches along the way.


Oakfield Provincial Park is such a location. Located 5 kms from the Enfield exit along the 102 highway, this day-use beach park becomes a great location for walking your dog, or to explore the wonderful forest trails. A specific geocache that is along one of the trails is Gizzy's Oakfield Park Walk GPS (N 44° 55.159 W 063° 35.159).

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It's because of the PEOPLE!

Par jcyr, sur ven, 14 Jan 2011 | 1 Comment

We hear it time and time again!  When we ask the question, "What do you like most about Nova Scotia?", the majority of the time, the first answer is the PEOPLE.  Salt of the earth, friendly kind of people.  You'll meet them at our restaurants and pubs.  You'll meet them at our museums (like these two gems I met at the Seal Island Lighthouse Museum in Barrington last year).

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Bay of Fundy winters - 1st in a series

Par lauras, sur jeu, 6 Jan 2011 | 1 Comment

Winter is one of the best times to explore the Bay of Fundy...that is if you are enchanted by isolated two-tone seascapes, random ice cakes, frothy twists of snow and swirling winds.

Although we're not actually very far 'north' in Canada (parts of Fundy sit below the 49th parellel - US border) we still boast a fine storybookish winter season.

This winter I've invited friends and colleagues from around the bay to submit winter photos of their favourite, perhaps lesser known, corners of our bay. So curl up with a warm cup wherever you may be and enjoy these posts over the next few weeks...

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Here comes Christmas dinner!

Par lauras, sur ven, 24 déc 2010 | 1 Comment

Went down to the beach this afternoon to find our Christmas lobster dinner all lined up and ready to cook. Look closely to see them 'crawling' out of the Bay of Fundy and into the pot!

Lots of Fundy folk choose lobster over turkey for the big event. Wishing you were here...

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The Kings County Museum Genealogy Centre

Par yogie, sur jeu, 23 déc 2010 | 1 Comment

It was still dark when I woke at the Hillsdale House Inn in Annapolis Royal.  Although we had finished filming at the O'Dell House Museum the day before, we had decided to keep our accommodations in this beautiful town for the duration of our trip.  I was still hours away from my complimentary breakfast and drive to Kentville, to the Kings County Museum, so it seemed the perfect chance to take a foggy stroll along St. George Street to the Evangeline Trail and across the Annapolis River to Granville Ferry. 

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The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

Par lauras, sur jeu, 9 déc 2010 | 1 Comment

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas on the Bay of Fundy without the annual tree hunt. No city parking lots with strings of lights for us, no sirreee. It's the real thing here around the bay....tromping through the woods, in any kind of weather (storm is best!), searching for the perfect 'real' tree. Admittedly, this escapade is somewhat more civilized than it was when I was a kid. Way back then we'd go to my grandfather's farm, wade into the forest, climb the highest tree, lob off the top 10 feet, drag home the crown, drill a few holes into which we'd plug a few spare limbs (to fill in the bare spots) and heartily congratulate ourselves for knowing the difference between fir and spruce!

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Wonderful Wizard

Par sduffett, sur jeu, 2 déc 2010 | 1 Comment

I had a real treat last night. After my long day at the market I was off to see the wizard!

In Halifax, Neptune Theater 's holiday show this year is The Wizard of Oz. What a fun production.

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Dumping Day in Southwest Nova

Par suzya, sur ven, 26 nov 2010 | 1 Comment

Experience "Dumping Day" first hand in the Lobster Capital of Canada, the Municipality of Barrington. The largest lobster fishing industry in Canada opens on the last Monday in November each year and while the majority of us are making our Christmas lists, a lot of the men (and some women!) are making their lobstering lists and checking them twice right now. Traps, bait bags, rope (lots of rope!), buoys, and the list goes on.  "Dumping Day" in Southwest Nova is considered the most dangerous day of the lobster season.  The day when all the pots (375 in District 34) are "dumped" into the ocean and the fishermen then hold their breath in hopes that they have placed them in the right, lucrative spot.

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Another 'Roots' Story!

Par cbragg, sur ven, 26 nov 2010 | 1 Comment

The Discover Your Nova Scotia Roots contest has just about wrapped up, so I thought I'd point out another one of my favourite entries!

This story comes from Sharon of Mills River, NC:

"I'm extremely proud of my Nova Scotia roots! When I was a little girl, my mother told me that I am a direct descendant of Charles Morris, the 1st Surveyor General of Nova Scotia, who surveyed the new British Province of Nova Scotia. In 1749, his sketch of a plan for the city of Halifax appeared in ""Gentlemen's Magazine"", a popular publication in London. (Four years ago, I was overwhelmed when I actually found this sketch on the Internet; I only wish my mother had lived to see it herself.)

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