Whale Watching Adventures

Whale watching zodiac tour taking photos of a whale tale as it dives in the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia

Whale Watching in Nova Scotia

‘Awe-inspiring’ may be an over-used cliché, but when a whale breaches the ocean’s surface, lunges out of the waves, and re-enters with a loud smack and plume of water, well, it’s awe-inspiring.

Summer and fall are the best times to go whale watching in Nova Scotia. Find yourself aboard a whale watching tour with lively commentary and local tales as you watch for any of the 12 species of whales that visit Nova Scotia each year.

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People on a whale watching tour on the Bay of Fundy taking photos of a whale near the boat.

Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy coast is as popular with whales as it is with people. Many species – including the rare right whale - come to mate, play and feast on plankton in the rich waters off Digby Neck, Long Island, and Brier Island. Experience a whale watching adventure by boat or zodiac and enjoy getting an up close view.

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Whales, Trails and Periwinkle Tales

Learn about the fascinating life of our sea creatures, great and small, by taking part in Whales, Trails and Periwinkle Tales. Discover life in our tidal pools, such as the plankton that attracts whales to our coast, before heading out on the Bay of Fundy to see them.

Looking for a deeper dive into the world of whales? Head to Cape Breton Island and visit the Whale Interpretive Centre in Pleasant Bay on the world famous Cabot Trail.

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Whale Watching in Cape Breton

Pods of Atlantic pilot and minke whales spend their summers off the shores of Northern Cape Breton and in the Northumberland Strait. Book a whale watching tour aboard a boat or zodiac in Inverness, Chéticamp, Pleasant Bay, Bay St. Lawrence, Neil's Harbour or Ingonish and get up close to these social sea creatures who are likely to be as intrigued by you as you are by them. Watch for other regular visitors such as dolphins, seals, porpoises, and seabirds... and if you're lucky, you may spot finback or humpback whales... or even a leatherback turtle or sunfish!

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Whale Watching Packages & Experiences

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