If you haven’t eaten Nova Scotia lobster in Nova Scotia, then you haven’t really eaten lobster!

Looking for the best places to get lobster? Visit the Hall's Harbour Lobster Pound and select your very own lobster from the tank, or adopt a lobster at the Northumberland Fisheries MuseumVisit Shelburne, Nova Scotia's Lobster Capital or stop at the Shore Club in Hubbards for their 'original lobster supper'.

Be sure to mark your calendar - each February, Nova Scotia's South Shore Lobster Crawl Festival offers lobster lovers an abundance of lobster-infused events such as the popular lobster roll challenge.

Great Canadian Lobster Fishing Feast at White Point Beach Resort

Great Canadian Lobster Fishing Feast

Get a taste of the world’s largest lobster fishery when you join a crew of Nova Scotia lobster fishers for a morning at sea where you'll work on deck, helping to measure and band lobsters as the crew hauls up to 200 lobster traps from the Atlantic Ocean.

Afterwards, you'll return to your seaside resort and meet at the beachside bonfire as the Chef prepares the day’s lobster catch for your cozy dinner party.

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The Kilted Chef, Alain Bosse

Lobster 101 with the Kilted Chef

Do I really need to boil lobster in salted water? Do I need to remove the rubber bands from the lobster claws first? Is there a great Nova Scotia seafood chowder recipe I can use?

The answer is yes!

Follow along as The Kilted Chef walks you through simple lobster recipes and ways for preparing Nova Scotia lobster dishes.

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Lobster Boat Tours

While there are plenty of places to get lobster in Nova Scotia, there are only a handful of boat tours that offer the hands-on lobster fishing experience, including:

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Nova Scotia Lobster Recipes

Lobster is so naturally delicious that it’s best when prepared simply. The traditional Nova Scotia method is to cook lobster in a big pot of boiling saltwater, fresh from the ocean. You can eat it hot or cold but melted butter and lemon wedges are a must. Make sure  to have lots of napkins at the ready!

Looking for more delicious and unique Nova Scotia lobsters ideas?  Check out our Unique Lobster Dishes in Nova Scotia Road Trip and be sure to visit our recipe page for decadent creations like lobster poutine, lobster ravioli, or lobster mac & cheese!


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