Halifax Pubs

Halifax Pubs

Pull up a stool in a city that is rumoured to have the most pubs per-capita in Canada. We have a culture of celebration here that welcomes all who wish to join in the fun. You’ll discover many friendly pubs featuring live music with a traditional roots flair. We’re also home to a rich modern music scene that has been fostered by a city that just loves to leave the house and head out for a good time. Halifax’s concentrated downtown core makes it an ideal city to hop from one unique nightlife experience to another.

Downtown Music

There’s a culture of celebration in Halifax – and a celebration of culture. Each pub here has its own distinct flavour, and many feature live music. Walk the concentrated downtown core and feel the beat of music pulsing with tunes celtic to alternative. Head to The Lower Deck on the Halifax Waterfront, a classic tavern where the hospitality flows as freely as the ale. It’s a great introduction to Halifax after dark.


Few things scream out Halifax more than the sociable. When someone hollers ‘sociable’ in a pub, you holler it right back, raise your mug, and have a swig. Musical acts often call it out between songs, and this communal raising of the glass is a way to turn strangers into new friends. It won’t take long before you are a regular here, and to that thought we hoist a pint.

Good Robot in Halifax Nova Scotia

Cheers for Craft Beers 

Six craft breweries and brew pubs have honed their hoppy concoctions in Halifax. Garrison Brewing Company, Propeller Brewing Company and Good Robot Brewing Co. sell by the bottle and on tap, and for those who want some grub with their suds, Rockbottom Brewpub and Gahan House brew on premise, offering standard and adventurous pub fare with their signature craft beers.

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