Martinique Beach Provincial Park

Discover Your Perfect Beach

Build sandcastles, fly kites, beachcomb for shells and seaglass, take a surf or stand-up paddleboard lesson, play in the waves, or just walk barefoot in the sand. We know it can be hard to live in the moment – but a beach sure helps.

Unwind with the rolling waves and breathe in the salty air as you stroll along a beach of choice or simply relax on a warm sandy beach with a good book.  Nova Scotia is home to long stretches of sandy and cobblestone beaches

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Warm Water Beaches

Did you know that the beaches along the Northumberland Shore and Ceilidh Trail on Cape Breton Island offer more warm water beaches than anywhere else in Atlantic Canada? It’s the perfect area to plan a beach getaway to enjoy Nova Scotia’s comfortable summer weather.  Dip your toes in at Melmerby Beach Provincial Park where the sparkly saltwater averages 22°C (72° F) during the summer months.

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Surfing in Nova Scotia

The large swells that roll in along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia combined with our long, sandy beaches attract surfers from around the world. Fall hurricane season may be the favoured season for many, but more and more surfers are discovering the epic winter surf in Nova Scotia.

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Kayaking at Inverness Beach near Cabot Links Resort.

Sleep by the Beach

You are never far from the water in Nova Scotia which means that you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding places to stay near the beach!  From camping near the water at Rissers Beach Provincial Park and Corney Brook Campground to beachside accommodations at White Point Beach Resort, Cabot Links Resort, and Pictou Lodge Beach Resort, discover the perfect spot for your next beach vacation.

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Nova Scotia Beach Packages

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