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Acadian Experience


The l' Acadie Spirit Trail

The French were among the first European settlers of Nova Scotia. With them came advanced farming skills, a hearty work ethic, and a culture of spirited celebration. They called this beautiful new land Acadia – and today their vibrant culture and captivating history continues to thrive in villages and towns across the province.


Le Village Historique Acadien de la Nouvelle Écosse

Travel back in time discover the oldest Acadian settlement and immerse yourself in pre-1920s Acadian life. Visit the traditional blacksmith shop, fish sheds, and explore homes bearing their original architecture and period amenities. Stroll through the old Acadian cemetery and enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful Pubnico Harbour from the 18th century lighthouse.

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Living Wharves

Get your hands dirty with one of the “Living Wharves” experiences, where real-life fishermen show you just what they do to earn a living at one of the Yarmouth’s many wharves. The experiences are designed to share the history of fishing, the 40 species of fish harvested from our shores, and the thousands working in the fishing industry – each of whom has a fish story to tell.

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Musique de la Baie

Also known as “Music By The Sea”, the festival is set along the beautiful Yarmouth and Acadian shores. It showcases local talent and authentic Acadian cuisine in a warm relaxed atmosphere. You’ll be treated to informal performances and fresh seafood as you drop by the various unique venues using the ocean as your guide. And be prepared – you may be invited on stage yourself.

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Centre de la Mi-Carême

La Mi-carême is an authentic fun-filled Acadian family tradition. The Centre de la Mi-Carême was created to preserve the annual celebration. The Centre features historical displays, mask-making workshops, kitchen parties, daily art camps, musical cafés, and bonfires with traditional Acadian singers.

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