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High Tides & Wine Country

Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley

If you’re one of those people who like to discover “the next big thing”, then the Annapolis Valley’s wine country is your hidden gem. Lara and Karen toured the nine wineries in the region and gained a sense of how the world’s highest tides and rich, rolling landscape work together to create a distinct terroir that is sparking the interest of wine lovers everywhere. Visiting the many quirky antique shops and horn-of-plenty farm markets in the area, Lara and Karen also found lots of treasures. 

The song featured in this video is called ‘Everywhere To Go’ by Nova Scotia native Ian Sherwood who was recently named contemporary Singer of the Year at the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards.



Our tidal bore rafting adventure was so intensely fun and crazy, I couldn’t help but scream with each crashing, soaking wet wave!


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