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Mi'kmaq Culture

For ten thousand years, this rugged, sea-swept peninsula has been home to the Mi'kmaq people. Mi’kmaq and First Nations people have enriched this province with their legends, art, music, spirituality, history, and language.

Mi’kmaq Legends

The Mi’kmaq legends of mythic hero-god Glooscap give meaning to the extraordinary geography of this place. It was a meeting between Glooscap and a mighty whale that created the awesome tides of the Bay of Fundy, for instance. Visit the 18th century Mi’kmaq petroglyphs in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site and embrace the spirit of this founding culture and its heritage as you tour Nova Scotia.

Experience Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Traditions & Culture 

  • Immerse yourself in Mi’kmaw culture on Goat Island, including a smudging ceremony, storytelling, traditional crafts, music, dance and a traditional feast with Eskasoni Cultural Journeys.
  • Canoe the traditional Mi’kmaq routes in the waterways of Kejimkujik.
  • Discover the ancient craft of birch bark canoe building while working alongside master Mi’kmaq craftsman, Todd Labrador, one of Canada’s only traditional Mi’kmaq canoe builders.
  • Immerse yourself in the medicine trails of Unama’ki in the Mi’kmaw community of Membertou on your Mi'kmaq Medicine Walk experience. On your guided tour, led by a community leader, you'll learn the traditional practices of medicines used by ancient ancestors.
  • Explore the Mi'kmaq archaeology gallery at the Museum of Natural History.
  • Experience storytelling events by Mi'kmaq spiritual leaders at The Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre in Cape Breton.
  • Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Indigenous celebration during the annual Pow Wow in Millbrook, four days of festivities for the whole family.
  • Learn about the unique history, heritage and culture of the Mi'kmaq people through educational and interactive experiences at the Membertou Heritage Park in Sydney.
  • Visit Red Crane Studios where eminent Mi’kmaq artist Alan Syliboy will be happy to show you his work.
  • Discover the legends of Glooscap and experience Mi'kmaq culture from past to present at the Glooscap Heritage Centre in Truro.