Nature Night *Bats*

Occurs November 9th, 2018


221 Alex MacDonald Road, Earltown, NS, Earltown, B0K1V0, Northumberland Shore


T: 19026573348


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$15.00 - $30.00


Bats are interesting creatures! In this presentation, Chiropterologist Jordi Segers will be talking about the diversity of bat species around the world and why bats are important and not to be feared. He will also bring it closer to home and talk about the specific bat species that we have in Nova Scotia, the devastating effects that white-nose syndrome has on bats, and what you can do to help bats right in your backyard. You will be surprised at how much there is to learn about these amazing and elusive little mammals who are the true superheroes of the night sky.

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Admission: All prices include a donation toward Bat Conservation International.