Lambert Todd Days Festival

Occurs July 5th, 2018 to July 8th, 2018


189 Main Street, Reserve Mines, B1E 1E8, Fleur-de-lis/Marconi/Metro CB


T: 9023710699



The Lambert Todd Days Festival began in Reserve Mines in 1998 by members of the community.  This four-day festival has evolved over the years into a community celebration of its spirit and history that invites visitors into its community including family and friends who are living off-island and out of province.  Reserve Mines in known as a community of 'firsts' so when looking for an appropriate name, Lambert Todd was chosen because it is believed that this horse was the first community-owned race horse in North America.   Each year, the Society works with members of the community organizations to plan and host events and activities for all ages.    

The Society is finding that with each year, the festival is being more and more supported and embraced by the residents in the community, is being recognized by many from surrounding communities, and is becoming a vacation destination for many family and friends living off island.  Part of this is because of its ability to attract people who want to ‘come home’ to their former community and take their family and friends with them.  Another factor is that the community appreciates the chance to come together and demonstrate their capacity to host these successful events each year while celebrating its uniqueness.  As mentioned, the events and activities that are scheduled throughout the four days provide something for everyone including golf tournament; socials & dances; party in the park with entertainment along with games & activities for adults & children of all ages; competitions for all ages; concerts; car show; pancake breakfast; etc.  Each year, some of the events continue to sell out.  These events will continue to assist in entertaining the visitors by offering a variety of cultural experiences and opportunities to meet the residents of the community.  In recent years, the Society began hosting a ‘warm up event’ that happens the Wednesday evening before the festival gets underway.  

Society’s Executive Committee - The Society has five very active members that work with representation from the community organizations/groups that include:  

Reserve Mines Seniors & Pensioners Club & Auxiliary

Reserve Mines Vol. Fire Department & Auxiliary

The Society’s role in assisting these partners with planning, promoting, and delivering an event depends on the specific event; as well, the number of volunteers required from each organization will depend on the specific event.  The Society members are sharing information and working with other organizations within the community to assist with building capacity and to support any revenue-generating event.  The sustainability of these organizations is very important to the community and the future of this festival.