La Mi-Careme

Occurs March 15th, 2020 to March 21st, 2020


51 Old Cabot Trail, Grand Etang, B0E 1L0, Cabot Trail


T: 902-224-1016


Price Information

$0.00 - $5.00


La Mi-Careme Festival is a one week winter festival that falls mid-Lent each year and can fall from early March to early April. Currently the majority of participants to this community event are local and returning past residents. This interactive festival allows visitors to either disguise themselves in costume or to participate as a `watcher`  and guess those in costumes. Workshops during the festival allow visitors to experience the Acadian culinary aspects of La Mi-Careme. Workshops are also held for costume design and mask making. Music is key to this week long celebration that showcases not only Acadian traditional kitchen parties but also unique songs associated with La Mi-Careme and the founding history of this Cape Breton community. It`s a festival that blends visitors with the local community and leaves them to experience a unique cultural event that will certainly keep them returning to Cape Breton Island. 

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Detailed Information

Admission: Each evening is free entry for both Mi-Caremes (costumed visitors) and for watchers. Gala on the final day - entry is $5 for non-costumed visitors.