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The Order of Good Cheer

Nova Scotia Is No Stranger To Good Cheer.

Good Cheer Trail

The Good Cheer Trail celebrates Nova Scotia’s rich culinary history dating back to 1606, when Samuel de Champlain established the Order of Good Cheer in Port Royal.

As possibly one of the first gastronomic societies in North America, the Order of Good Cheer raised the spirits of early settlers and set the tone for centuries of good Nova Scotian food, drink and fun.

We're proud to carry on Champlain's legacy with the Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail – a culinary adventure unlike any other!

Port Royal

In 1606, Samuel de Champlain established the Order of Good Cheer in Port Royal.

Step back in time with a visit to the Port-Royal National Historic Site of Canada. Visitors experience the earliest days of French exploration to gain an impression of the place where these early settlers lived and to stand on the site where the first gastronomic society of North America was formed.

Fortress of Louisbourg

Fortress Rum is the first rum to be matured onsite at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site in almost 300 years. In the 18th century, Louisbourg was one of North America's busiest seaports and France's centre of trade and military strength in the New World. Caribbean rum was a major trading good of the times.

This summer, explore the drink that sugar made with "Louisbourg Rum Experience – Worth Protecting!" Take part in an historic rum tasting and savour an 18th century Rum Punch.