A "Wow" Adventure

By BayOfFundy, on Fri, 6 Jul 2012 | 0 Comments

resize6.JPG The weather was looking a bit questionable, so my son Jaden, daughter Lienna and I grabbed our rain jackets as we loaded into our small SUV.  My wife was recovering from pneumonia so it was just the kids and I setting out on another Saturday afternoon adventure.

We had just pulled out of the driveway when the rain started, but that would only add to our adventure. We were heading to Economy Falls for a hike and the drive along highway 2 was beautiful overlooking farmers' fields and the impressive tides of the Minas Basin. I hadn't been to the falls in several years and had forgotten how fun the drive was as we reached the dirt road leading to the trail head.

The road was a bit soupy with the rain and as expected there were plenty of potholes, twists and turns. The kids were loving that we were getting to do some "off-roading", so they decided to roll the windows down and scream "wooo hooo!...this is awesome!" and a variety of other celebratory cheers at the top of their lungs. We must have sounded like a rowdy frat party moving through the woods. -So much for a random wildlife encounter. I am certain the kids had scared away every animal within miles.

Along the way we passed the parking area for the Devil's Bend trail. It's a longer trail that also leads to the falls, but we opted for the more direct route this time around. After following a series of arrows and small signs we found our way to the Economy Falls trail head. There was just one other vehicle in the parking area. It was a compact car...proving that even a smaller vehicle could make it through the back road journey.

resize2.JPG The spring growth had narrowed the entrance to the path, but this worked in our favour as it offered extra protection from the rain. It wasn't long before the trail widened to a glorious surrounding of old growth forest. A large part of the hike in was down a steep hill, so I had to repeatedly caution my energetic travel partners to slow down to avoid a dangerous head-over-heels topple.

resize3.JPG It wasn't long before we could see and hear the clearing ahead. It was more magnificent than I had remembered. My daughter echoed my thoughts with an enthusiastic "WOW!" as she took in her dramatic new surroundings.

resize5.JPG resize4.JPG The light rain had thankfully kept the black flies away during our trek, but after a few quick photos we didn't linger long before heading out to avoid getting any wetter. As we moved to the stairs at the base of the hill we came to the realization that we now had to climb back up the steep hill that we had so eagerly just come down. We could definitely feel the burn by the time we reached the top. I can proudly say it was the kids who were asking for a break on the way up, and it was "ol' dad" who had pushed to keep going. As we packed back into the car I was already thinking ahead to our return to the Economy area when we'd have more time to spend. There are many more adventures along the shore that I'd like to pursue!