A Winter Hike at Sackville Lakes

By acashin, on Fri, 3 Jan 2014 | 0 Comments

Until last fall I hadn't thought of Sackville as a place to enjoy a bit of nature. That was before I discovered Sackville Lakes Provincial Park.

This past summer, the province of Nova Scotia designated the 292 hectare site along First and Second Lake in Lower Sackville as Sackville Lakes Provincial Park. The media buzz around this designation had me itching to lace up my hikers and check it out.

After enjoying a few summer and fall hikes throughout 2013, I knew it would make a wonderful spot for a winter hike.

The trails here are wide and are under a canopy of trees. As I enjoyed a winter hike through these trails, I felt as though I was truly in a winter wonderland.


On the day we hiked it was quite chilly, something to the effect of minus 8 degrees. It was just right for a winter hike.

My partner and I enjoyed the less than 2 KM hike through Great Oak Trail. For the most part, the view along this trail is of the beautiful trees which line its path. At the half way point there's a lovely view as the trail travels along Second Lake. There are a couple of areas that grant direct lake access, and it was here that we noticed some cross-country ski marks on the snow that had fallen on the frozen lake.


This trail is mostly flat, with a short manageable climb near the end of the loop.

During our hike, as I was walking through the quiet of the trees, I looked up when something caught my eye. A magnificent bald eagle soared about my head. I could see him through the clearing in the trees as he slowly flapped his wings above the trail. I could say that I regret not lifting my camera to get a photo - but I would be lying. The moment of quiet serenity, as he flew by, would have only been ruined by a scramble to take his photo.

Perhaps those of you reading this will have a chance to get the photo I missed should you visit yourself.

An entrance to both trails is located on First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville (follow Cobequid Road to First Lake Drive). There is a small parking area on the side of First Lake, located on the left side of the road. Great Oak Trail is located on the right hand side of the road.

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