Thanksgiving Weekend - a tale of two rides

By dkmorris, on Tue, 12 Oct 2010 | 0 Comments

Saturday: Wagon ride at Balmoral Grist Mill

It is always fascinating to see how flour was originally milled instead of a loaf just appearing in the supermarket. The sound of the waterfalls and waterwheel made for a great noisy arrival and backdrop for face painting, balloon animals, barbeque and wagon rides. The horses Lady and Kate pulled us on a tour around the fields and back to the mill.

There has been a mill here since 1825 with the current mill built in 1874 and operated until 1954. Restored in 1966 it has since been in continuous operation again - the Grist Mill flour chocolate chip cookies were gorgeous!

Check out the Balmoral Grist Mill website for more information.




Sunday: Sky-ride at Ski Wentworth
This is the only weekend that Ski Wentworth opens its chair lift to provide spectacular views of the Fall colour. It is always a thrilling sky-ride with occasional stops, bumps and wind-rock creating screams and shouts - fun!

You can walk down any of the ski runs though some are too steep even to try. Collecting pine cones, moss and leaves on the way back down made for a lovely day out, even though our Indian Summer has made Fall very late this year with much colour still to come.

Ski Wentworth is going to be one of the venues for the 2011 Canada Games and work towards the upgrades for this event are ongoing. A magic carpet was one of the new fun installations. I will be there and blogging about the Canada Games in February!

Wentworth2sml.jpg wentworth3sml.jpg


wentworth4sml.jpg Wentworth5sml.jpg(Spectacular Autumn colours in the Wentworth Valley and a view from above of Ski Wentworth in Nova Scotia.)