Summer's Not Over Yet: #VisitNovaScotia Photos from Instagram

By , on Fri, 30 Aug 2013 | 0 Comments

It might be the last long weekend of the summer, but there's still lots of time left in the season to explore Nova Scotia. Here's a few of our favourite summer photos from Instagram to inspire your next road trip.


Instagram - Nova Scotia - xtinesharp.JPG

Kayaking in Kejimkujik National Park, @xtinesharp 
Instagram - Nova Scotia - cpawsnovascotia.JPG
Canoeing in the Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area, @cpawsnovascotia
Instagram - Nova Scotia - katfrickmiller.JPG
Lunenburg, @katfrickmiller

Instagram - Nova Scotia - bthom104.JPG

Friendly wave hello to a whale watching tour near Brier Island, @bthom104
Instagram - Nova Scotia - jcorke.JPG
A rare visit to Sable Island for amazing photos of the wild horses, @jcorke
Instagram - Nova Scotia - iankcorbett.JPG
Instagram - Nova Scotia - sambfross.JPG
Sunset over Clementsport, @sambfross
Instagram - Nova Scotia - bdenny.JPG
Sunset sailing at Irish Vale, Cape Breton, @bdenny
If you're on Instagram, follow us @visitnovascotia! If you'd like us to share your photos from your adventures and road trips around the province, please tag them with #VisitNovaScotia to give us permission to repost. We'd love to see your photos and share them with the world.