Summer Road Trip to the South Shore part 3

By sduffett, on Tue, 28 Sep 2010 | 0 Comments

Gosh I have a feeling my weekend is going to last all week.

After visiting the Lahave Bakery, (unfortunately I would have loved to have spent more time on this side of the river but we had to start heading back) we took the ferry over to Riverport. I was taken with the three red cars:) Mine is in the middle!

Here's mum, day dreaming.....

Kingsburg was the next stop, an area of lovely beaches, pastoral vistas, flourishing community of artists and "come from aways".

Soon we arrived in Lunenburg!

The quirky seaside town that slopes steeply to the water. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We quickly parked the car and hopped out to start exploring!

So many great shops full of interesting things. Don't you LOVE this pillow?? Sit!

After some poking about and having a walk, we found ourselves sitting outside here at the Magnolia Cafe.... My fave spot in Lunenburg.

and...eating this! One of the most amazing desserts ever created. A layered lemon concoction with a shortbread crust and almonds and whipped cream and the lemoniest lemon filling you can imagine.


to be continued....