Santa lives in Yarmouth

By callen, on Wed, 19 Dec 2012 | 0 Comments

2568_74576815691_261111_n.jpegThose in the rest of the world believe Santa spends his days at the North Pole but residents in Yarmouth County can tell you where the "real Santa" lives. The time has come to share the secret.

Santa from Carla Allen on Vimeo.

Weeks before the big event Santa dons his velvet red suit, combs out his soft, white, flowing beard, fills his sack with chocolates and candy canes and heads out to spread joy. Be it strolling through senior citizens homes, mingling at tree-lightings, sing-alongs, farmers' markets, or simply walking up and down Main Street, he instills wonder in the eyes of tiny tykes. He puts many miles on those polished black boots of his prior to Christmas.

Thanks to his rare talent of tele-transportation, you can watch him feeding his reindeer every day at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. via webcam.

Those who know him on a personal level refer to him as the quintessential Santa, the original, for he has many assistants on the planet who help him spread the magic. Yarmouthians have much love, affection and pride for this special being, as can be observed whenever you see him in a crowd.

His slow and gentle way, the brief fumbling of a white-gloved hand in the sack to retrieve candy and a genuine Austrian accent have thrilled thousands of children over the years.

Neighbours won't tell you exactly where, but Santa can be seen in the summertime working at ordinary day-to-day tasks like splitting wood and mowing the lawn.

"His beard is real and he wears it all year round," said one. "We see him in the summer, shirtless, on his ride-on-mower, mowing the grass with his beard flying! He's a delightful man."

Santa, and all those in Yarmouth County who are counting their blessings, wish you wonderful memories this Christmas and a bright and shining New Year.