Nova Scotia Travel Resolutions

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The dawn of a new year is the time when we all make and break resolutions to go to the gym or get more sleep. But for those of us at, it's a time to make travel resolutions to explore Nova Scotia. The only hard thing about these resolutions is deciding which ones should be on our list for the year. It's never too late to make your own travel resolutions, so if you're in need of a few, here are some of ours for 2014 - along with suggestions on how you can make them happen.

Resolution 1: Discover something new

Think you've seen it all in Nova Scotia? There's always something to discover as your road trip takes you through the province. Here are a few.

Ferry to Yarmouth

Set sail for Nova Scotia! Your vacation can include sailing into Yarmouth from Portland, ME! Sit back and relax aboard this cruise ferry which includes comfortable accommodations, live entertainment, a casino, fitness centre and Kids' Zone. And while you're on board, you can get a taste of Nova Scotia with fine dining that features locally sourced recipes and ingredients.

Starting in the spring, the new cruise ferry from Nova Star Cruises makes travelling to Nova Scotia even easier.

Eastern Shore

Take a drive along the Eastern Shore to discover the raw beauty of the region. From the waves of Lawrencetown Beach, a popular spot for surfers, to Tor Bay Provincial Park and beyond, you'll be delighted by the rocky shores and sandy beaches you'll find along the way.

Tidal Bay wines in the Valley

Plan a tour through Nova Scotia's wine country and sample the amazing food and wine it has to offer. Make sure you ask to try the signature appellation wine - the Tidal Bay. Launched in 2012, this crisp white wine reflects the terroir, coastal breezes and cooler climate of its birthplace. It's a wine that pairs perfectly with seafood and ocean views - a perfect way to end a summer day in Nova Scotia.

Learn to cook

Immerse yourself in the tastes of Nova Scotia by learning to cook a meal featuring local ingredients. Whether it's a cooking lesson with the Kilted Chef on the Northumberland Shore, foraging for mushrooms for dinner at the Chanterelle Inn, or booking a cooking class getaway at DesBarres Manor Inn, there's a perfect vacation in Nova Scotia for our inner chefs.

Tee off

Some of the best golf in the world is waiting to be discovered in Nova Scotia. With challenging courses that offer stunning views of the ocean, you'll quickly understand why we say we have some of the best golf in the world. But you don't have to take our word for it - Golf Digest Magazine just ranked Cabot Links as #42 on their list of World's 100 greatest courses.

Resolution 2: Revisit an old favourite

A road trip can be made even better when you mix new discoveries with familiar favourites. Places you haven't been in years or love to visit every year are waiting for you to rediscover this year.

Cabot Trail

No matter how many times your road trip takes you along this highway, the Cabot Trail never fails to take your breath away. Carved into the edge of ancient highlands, eagles soar above you and whales splash in the ocean below you. You'll easily find the charms of Cape Breton will make you want to rediscover this road trip every year.

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

This UNESCO World Heritage Site gives you the chance to reach back in time and touch over 300 million years of history. Located near the head of Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy, the erosion caused by the powerful Fundy tides have helped uncover Coal Age fossils along the weathered cliffs. Walk along the beach and you can see evidence of insects, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles who walked the walked along these beaches well before humans ever did.


How many of 125 salt and freshwater beaches can you visit in a year? Make 2014 the year you check off a new beach each weekend - whether it's an old favourite or a new sandy stretch you haven't visited before.


Whether it's Peggy's Cove, Cape Forchu, or Cape d'Or, the 160 historic lighthouses along our coastline are always a favourite to visit. No matter how many times we visit these lighthouses, it always feels like a new adventure.

Resolution 3: Find adventure

Adventure awaits in 2014, whether you want to hit the high seas or hike the highlands. Experience the world famous power of tidal bores as 100 billion tons of seawater rush in and out of the Bay of Fundy as you go rafting on Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie River. You explore the coastline from the water as you slip through the waves on a sea kayaking adventure or catch one of those waves on a surfboard along the Eastern Shore.

If you'd rather stay on solid ground for your adventure, find a hiking trail that will take you along the beach or into the highlands. One of the most spectacular views in province is waiting for you on the Skyline Trail. Can't wait to see it for yourself? Check out the view from Google maps.

Resolution 4: Blaze a trail

Start with one of our featured road trips and make it your own. Does the lighthouse road trip become the lighthouses and lobster trip? Will following the Wine, Whales and Whisky road trip  take you on a road to discovering a living wharf? The only way to find out is to hit the road and blaze your own trail.

What are your travel resolutions for 2014? We'd love to know what parts of Nova Scotia you plan to explore.