Night at the Archives

By cbragg, on Tue, 12 Oct 2010 | 0 Comments

The artifacts don't come to life (I think), but there will be some cool things happening at the Public Archives Building this Saturday evening.

We're taking part in the third annual Nocturne: Art at Night festival. Nocturne is an annual festival bringing art to the streets of Halifax. From 6pm to midnight on October 16th, everyone is invited to experience exhibits and events that showcase and celebrate the arts community in Halifax.

Our exhibit started with a simple idea: we'll screen films that we recently digitized for The Way We Were: Nova Scotia in Film. Then another layer was added--all through the year-long process of digitizing and editing film, I was capturing interesting film-stills. These film stills--ranging from hilarious to eerie--will also be screened at Nocturne.
The Beaver.jpg
This would have been a cool-enough exhibit, but we had to add more! This year, hundreds of amazing, never-before-seen nitrate negatives from the turn of the century were digitized. Many of these photos are "from away"-- taken by Nova Scotians who brought their cameras on journeys to Asia, the Rockies, Europe, and more. A series of photos which represent Nova Scotians abroad are going to be presented as gorgeous, large-scale prints.

As a bonus... we're also having:

- a "listening station" available so folks can listen to folk songs and ghost stories recorded by Helen Creighton.
- an artist's desk recreated, featuring watercolours and handmade valentines.
- storage boxes from the Victoria School of Art and Design
- Victorian-era marbled paper for you book-binding nerds.
- An amazing poster by one of the talented Prat sisters.
- Free popcorn!
- Free "I heart Archives" buttons!

So, do come see us on the evening of the 16th! We're located at 6016 University Avenue in Halifax, at the corner of Robie Street. The event is free and we'll be open until midnight. Hope to see you this weekend!