Hiking Rogart Mountain Trail

By rfaulkner, on Thu, 15 Aug 2013 | 0 Comments

What better way to entice your friends than to propose a hike with pancakes and maple syrup!


It ended up being a nice, warm day when we drove up to Sugar Moon Farm and hiked this popular trail. The Rogart Mountain Trail wasn't far from our last hike in the area, the IMG_0346.jpg

The clockwise loop crosses a few streams and old foundations along the way. The climb isn't very hard and the trail is well used. Once we started the final climb to the summit, we could see some great views including Nuttby Mountain, the highest peak in mainland Nova Scotia. The mix of hardwoods and maple trees made the hike very scenic and we could imagine how nice it would be in the fall.


We crossed Jane's Falls on the way down, which is one of the nicer waterfalls I've come across in Nova Scotia. We decided to stop here for a few minutes and have a little snack.

We explored a few more foundations along the way before the trail ended along the road behind Sugar Moon Farm. Then it was a short walk to some delicious pancakes and maple syrup.


I recommend you come early and hike, then make plans to eat afterwards. You don't want to hike up that mountain with a full belly. A number of group hikes are usually planned throughout the year, so keep an eye out if you want some company along the way.

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