Hiking Admiral Lake Loop

By rfaulkner, on Wed, 11 Sep 2013 | 0 Comments

On a cool morning, we decided to hike the Admiral Lake Loop - a 10km trail part of the Musquodoboit Traillway Association. We opted to do the trail clockwise, keeping the steep elevation until the end. That meant an easy 4km along the converted rails to trails towards Bayer Lake to start with. This section had the lake on one side and granite cliffs on the other.


We approached the trailhead just before the foot bridge where a bench and an outhouse are available. From here, we started the climb up towards Eunice Lake and changed from easy path to remote wilderness footpath.


The trail is well maintained for wilderness hiking. Unlike the facilities we saw earlier, there's nothing out here. As part of the White Lake wilderness area, a number of backcountry activities are allowed within the inter-connected lakes. Terrain along the route was mostly granite, moss with healthy amount of evergreen trees. As a footpath, you have to pay attention along the trail and expect to climb over a few fallen trees or get your feet wet.

A number of lookouts are available along the way. Panoramic views of Admiral Lake can be seen on one side of the trail and the coastal view where Lawrencetown is visible on the other side. There are a number of points of interests such as Skull Rock, Rolling Stone and the Cave.


We encountered twelve other hikers, all doing the trail counter-clockwise with most doing the most difficult climb to Skull Rock. We didn't see much wildlife along the way other than a few tracks and one or two droppings.

Good footwear, water and usual hiking essentials for this hike are a must. You can bring your dog, but be mindful of the steep section at the various look offs where the drop is substantial. Expect to take up to four hours to fully enjoy this trail.

This was considered the easier trail, with the North Granite and Gibraltar trails considered more strenuous and difficult.

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