Halifax Seaport Market

By sduffett, on Sat, 13 Nov 2010 | 0 Comments

Wondering what this building is? Wonder no longer.......it is our new Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market, a beautiful glass structure built to environmental standards and using solar, wind and geo-thermal power to operate. A massive 4,050 square metres, it was designed with the environment in mind. It is also located right on the water so you can watch all the boating activity on the harbour.

I was there on Friday to check out the new International Market which has just started recently. Previously the market has not been open on Fridays and I was curious to see what the vendors had in store. Unfortunately I was too early (opens at 10am) and the vendors were just setting up. I had an appointment and could not stay to purchase anything but I WILL be back.

This renovated historical Harbour Pier features a green, or bio-wall, in place of an air filter or air conditioner. It is lovely to see. There will be four rooftop courtyards, including room for community activities such as gardening. There are also wind turbines on the roof. The building is glass so the views are great, it is an open concept and flooded with light. Here is a video in which Keith Tufts, the lead designer, explains all the wonderful features and talks about what went into the design of this place.

It was nice to wander about with no crowds to contend with. Usually the market is jammed with people shoulder to shoulder. By opening more days a week, the market is hoping to aleviate that particular problem. Wednesday shopping is in the works soon.

The International Market has vendors from different cultures and countries selling food and crafts. There are also some of the regular sellers as well.

I am interested in trying some Afghan food! Next time!

This is Jane Mason Browne, charming artist who has a permanent stall here. I spent a lot of time chatting with her about what is involved with acquiring a booth. I am thinking about it for December!

Last but not least - flowers! Ahhh. A market necessity. I will be back next Friday at 10am.