Delaps Cove Wilderness Trails

By jcyr, on Fri, 12 Sep 2014 | 0 Comments

Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail System is located along the shores of the Bay of Fundy about 24 kms from the historic town of Annapolis Royal.

Getting there is an interesting journey in itself, you drive over the valley ridge along Hollow Mountain Road. As the Bay of Fundy is coming into view, you take a sharp left turn. You'll be tempted to continue down to the pier, but you need to take the next left onto Shore Rd. You'll twist & turn down the dirt road passing a few cottages and other houses. Keep going a few kilometers until the dedicated parking lot and trailhead.

There are two short loop trails (Bohaker & Charlies) connected by a 3 kms old government road, making the overall trip a little over 9 kms once you return to your car.

Bohaker trail is 2.2 kms in length and offers a great view of a waterfall emptying into the Bay of Fundy. Adventurous people can use the old frayed rope to descend down to the ocean floor. You'll see the remains of a fishing boat, a sign of previous activity in the area. Overall the terrain of the trail is well maintained and shouldn't pose a problem. A few benches are sprinkled along the trail.

Charlies trail is 1.9 kms in length. What makes this trail interesting as the site was once a freed black community. Evidence suggest that they settled along this section of coastline around the time of the American Revolution. This trail is still under development; some sections have been recently cleared or worked on. You can see a number of items from the past: wood from docks, stone foundation, etc... The terrain is a little more challenging if you do the loop counter clockwise.

Expect no cell phone reception in this area. The trailhead offers a parking lot, a few picnic tables and outhouse. Keep pets on leash and an eye on smaller children once you reach the coast. Don't forget to make note of the tide schedule to visit during low tide.


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