Cycling with Sherbrooke as the Hub

By laureno, on Thu, 18 Aug 2011 | 0 Comments


Sherbrooke Village attracts more than 10,000 visitors each year but I was in town with my bike wanting to see some countryside. The temptation to photograph restored period buildings and animators at work did not sway me from my intentions. I left my car in the Sherbrooke Village parking lot and pedaled out of town toward Sonora. 


The road goes about 10 kms paralleling the tidal portion of the St. Mary's River. The highlight of this jaunt, for me, was the new wharf. The wharf in Sonora is easy to locate at the end of a short dirt road. It juts out into the river, is very clean and provides an excellent opportunity for snapping some photos.

I doubled back to Sherbrooke and continued west on the number 7 highway. A steady climb took me to Goldenville and then 15 kms of luxurious smooth pavement stretched on from there to Liscomb. There is nothing between Goldenville and Liscomb - not one house - only a monotonous stretch of woods and a few side roads branching off. This would not mean much to a tourist but if I lived in or near Sherbrooke I would be in love with this ride. The smooth surface yields a sensation much like gliding. Without any bumps or interference from the road surface it just seems as if there is less friction involved making the whole affair more pleasurable - I seemed to be going faster with less effort.



I ended up passing through Liscomb to Spanish Ship Bay and paused for a short break. I propped the bike against a guardrail next to the water and soaked in the view.

The return leg seemed to blow by quickly too. After passing through Liscomb again all I had to do was put my head down and crank the pedals (I did not cycle to Little Liscomb this time around but must point out that a very fine beach area can be found at the end of this road).


Having that nice descent from Goldenville to town at the end of the ride was a great way to polish off the afternoon. Much of the time when I cycle I orchestrate a milk run of moving short distances with frequent stops to photograph things along the way. I really enjoyed staying on the bike this time, covering ground and getting a really good workout. The scenery in around the communities I visited combined for a wonderful afternoon overall.


If you have time, adding a third leg to Stillwater would be well worth considering. The highway follows the river then eventually opens onto a wide flood plain which is 7-8 kilometers from the Village parking lot./p>