Cape George Heritage Trails

By jcyr, on Tue, 20 Jan 2015 | 0 Comments

The parking is the open field next to the school, where you cross the road to actually start the trail. The trailhead sign at the school shows you the various trail markers that you will see depending on the segments. There is also a log book along with a trail map. 

Once you cross the road, you will be looking at doing the various loops or connected linear segments. Most of the trail segments are moderate in difficulty as you navigate the footpath & elevation around the river valley. Expect to hike between 5-9 kms depending on your route. To reach the lighthouse, expect to hoof it closer to 20 kms (which I don't recommend unless you came with a group).

A challenging route which totaled about 8 kms which I enjoyed is: B - C - H - I - B. We hiked along very nice section of hardwood forest, which is similar to Gully Lake Wilderness Area, providing great fall colors and great snowshoeing opportunities when selecting shorter loop segments. By doing the route counter-clockwise, expect to climb four heart pounding hills as you make your way up.

Tree growth over the years has masked most the ocean views that you can enjoy once at the high points. Our route took three hours to complete. This included plenty of stops to enjoy the wilderness, have a snack and snap pictures. No facilities other than parking and a few benches can be found along the trails. So come prepared. Cell phone service is spotty at best. While the trail map on site is detailed, bring your own topo map. Learn more about the trails at Cape George Heritage Trails website.

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