Bike Monkey


109 Robie St, Lower Truro, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley


Jeff Simms

T: 902-843-7111

F: 902-843-7112



Bike Monkey provides a full line of rental bikes, offering hybrids and road bikes for your convenience, as well as guided tours.

All bikes are provided with a helmet, with panniers and car-racks also available for rent.

Hybrid bikes: $35/weekday, $50/weekend, $140/week
Road bikes: $45/weekday, $60/weekend, $180/week
Mountain bikes: $45/weekday, $60/weekend, $180/week
Fat bikes: $45/weekday, $60/weekend, $180/week
Pannier bag: $5/weekday, $7/weekend, $30/week
Car-rack: $5/weekday, $7/weekend, $30/week
Helmets and locks are available with rental bicycles at no additional fee.

Returning Rentals All rental bikes and accessories must be returned to the Bike Monkey by 12:00pm of the first business day following the rental period.

For weekday rentals, this means 12:00pm the following day. For weekend rentals, rental property must be returned by 12:00pm the following Monday. Rental property remains in the possession of the customer until returned directly to a Bike Monkey staff person.

Customers failing to return rental property when due will be charged for an additional day orweekend, and for all subsequent days the property remains in their possession. Bikes and accessories must be returned reasonably clean.

Should rental property require cleaning by Bike Monkey staff, a charge of $10 will be applied. Customers are liable for any damage incurred on rental property, to a maximum of its replacement value and associated labour cost to repair. This includes flat and/or damaged tires, crash damage, dented rims, broken chains, etc.

Deposit: All customers must leave with the Bike Monkey a copy of a valid driver’s license, and one of the following as a deposit: A copy/imprint of a valid credit card; or A deposit refundable upon the rental property’s return—the above conditions satisfied—of the full value of the rental property. (Deposits will be returned via the method of their disposition. e.g.: No debit card deposits returned as cash.)

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This property accepts Mastercard, Visa.
Activities: Cycling, Snowshoeing, Sightseeing tour