Almost here.....

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Halloween is almost here! Aren't thses guys great? Fun huh? I've got a pumpkin to carve but no skeletons to arrange:)
Love this holiday. As a child I remember the excitement and slight apprehension the night would bring. Unescorted, we would race door to door, trick or treating and within no time at all would be sweating, overheated and out of breath in our costumes. There was mystery in the air. A feeling of mischief. Lots of people about and you were never sure if that big person in the giant sheet was a friend or maybe someone sinister. Everybody was out on the streets and nobody looked familiar. Remembered warnings of teenagers that soaped windows and trailed toilet paper and people that did bad things kept us moving and made the night all the more appealing.

Abandoned houses...two stories or a thousand?

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So I couldn't resist a second post this week...all in the love of Halloween. 

I love abandoned houses and the mystery that surrounds them.  They hold a thousand stories from long ago. Who lived there before?  Where did they go?  What did they leave behind? There is something about them to me that is hauntingly beautiful.  Bits of old wallpaper and furniture left behind let us peak into another era gone by.  You can let your mind fill in the cracks and gaps and picture them in all their glory.

Upper Fundy land restored to Saltmarsh

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Anyone living in upper Bay of Fundy is quite aware that large tracts of our coastal land are currently protected from tidal inundation by dykes. The original dykes were built by Acadian settlers over 350 years ago to convert salt water marshes to farm land.

Although these converted salt water marshes or "dykelands" remain some of the region's most fertile agricultural land, much of it today is underutilized: 15% of dykeland in Nova Scotia and 41% of dykeland in New Brunswick is no longer being farmed.

Haunted Halifax and Beyond...OOOOoooOOOh!

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It's my favourite time of year...all Hallow's Eve, or Halloween as we have come to know it.  It's a time to embrace your inner ghoul, a time for goblin (preferably your favourite candy), and a time for a walk back through history. 

Nova Scotia is rife with history.  From the battles at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, to the Halifax Explosion in 1917, to those lost in search of treasure at Oak Island.  No matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you're always guaranteed a good tale or two.  Such was the case when I took my daughter on a family ghost walk with the Boys and Girls Club this week.

Exploring the Backcountry in Kejimkujik

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This is part two of my previous post about the upcoming geocaching/hiking challenge at Kejimkujik National Park on November 6th 2010.

My second trip to the park was to finalize the geocache locations and to place the containers in five locations within the park. Event participants can then use their GPS to find them along the trail. Parks Canada policy restricts placing the containers to marked trails only. So this allows participants to enjoy the trails without having to go off-trail.

Judique and the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre

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Thursday, September 30 was my second morning waking at the Tulloch Inn on the Western edge of Lake Ainslie.  I met Susan in the dining room.  Once again, we were the first guests to arrive for breakfast.  Keith took our orders, poured coffee and inquired as to our plans while his wife Elizabeth prepared a plate of pancakes with a side of sliced apples, bananas and oranges.

I was excited today.  We were driving to the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in Judique.  I have strong family ties to Cape Breton and can remember attending ceilidhs as a child.  This archive is different from the others I've visited in that its mandate is to preserve, educate and promote Cape Breton's traditional Celtic Heritage in many ways, including through performance.  This meant that we were in for a show.  I was also interested in ordering from their kitchen.  They offer a menu of upscale pub fare with a lot of my favourites.

People sunning on the ocean floor

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With all this crazy tide stuff we see some funny sights in these parts: here's a photo I took of some folks sitting out on the ocean floor sunning themselves at low tide at Blomidon Provincial Park, near Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Hikes around the Cabot Trail

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Here is our last blog while we are still in Nova Scotia. Four weeks, we thought, would have given us the chance to see all the things that Nova Scotia has to offer. Right now it feels like we arrived yesterday although we are already nearly four weeks here and only the two days that we have planned for travelling back from Cape Breton to Halifax are left.


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Middle of October! We are right in the thick of it:) Crisp days, cool nights, sharp mornings... Pumpkins everywhere, bountiful apples, crackling leaves, dark starry nights, pots of soup, warm pies, fresh air and perfect walks... love it!

Big Day Downtown in Halifax, Part 1

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Better late than never :)  I've been so busy these last few weeks that I have not had time to put this together!  Thanks to the genius people at the Downtown Halifax Business Commission, I was given $100 to spend as I liked in downtown Halifax.  Nice huh?  29 other lucky bloggers were also given the same opportunity and you can read about their adventures here.