20 Ways to Have Fun with the Family - Inspired by our friends on Instagram

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  1. Take a boat tourYou can go whale watching, on a nature cruise or even on a sail boatThere is nothing like the feeling of fresh open air! 


Hop from the Harbour to the shore on the Harbour Hopper: This city tour combines a little history and some quirky facts to keep things interesting. 



Harbour Hopper tour of Halifax! History made fun in this half water, half land adventure!

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Or take a ride on a friendly Tugboat: Theodore Tugboat makes Halifax his home and is always up giving tours designed with the little ones in mind. 



Or go searching for whales! The Bay of Fundy is an ample feeding ground for so many whales. Humpbacks, right whales, minke, finback, pilot whales and dolphins. It's a magical experienc the whole family can enjoy. You can also go whale watching in Cape Breton where you can expect to see some humpbacks, dolphins and pods of pilot whales. 



  1.  Unwind at the Beach: With over 7600 kms of coastline, each beach is unique. And there are so many adventures to be had - see our last beach post for fun family beach activities. Visiting this August? Be sure to check out the Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle Competion on the Eastern Shore



  1. Explore a Sea Cave: There are a few great places to explore sea caves in Nova Scotia. At Burntcoat Head Park you can walk the ocean floor at low tide - venture our to the flower pot to see this awesome sea cave. At Ovens Natural Park you can explore the sea caves along the nature trails. You can even pan for gold!



Exploring some caves with the fam at Burntcoat Head. This place is magical. #visitnovascotia

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I'm in a cave. ✊ #VisitNovaScotia @visitnovascotia #theovens #travel #Halifax #spurlunking

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  1. Visit a Working Farm: Discover what life was like on a farm in the 1800's at Ross Farm, where you can meet the animals, go on a wagon ride and hike the trails. Ross Farm is great hands-on experiences the whole family can enjoy!



  1. Feed the bunnies at White Point Beach Resort: There is always lots of fun to be had at White Point Beach - bonfires complete with smores, a beautiful beach and even an indoor pool and games room for those rainy days. But if you ask any child what they remember the most- they will almost always say those famous bunnies which roam the grounds. 



  1. Stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens: If your exploring downtown Halifax, the Public Gardens are prefect for a family photo op. They are also a great place to stop for a picnic. There are plenty of places nearby to pick up a snack. a



Public Gardens #publicgardens #VisitNovaScotia #viewfromhere #halifax #haligonia #halifaxness #oh_canada_

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  1. Hike to Balancing Rock: If you plan a day whale watching, be sure to work in some time to hike to balancing rock at Long Island - a 2.5 km well-groomed trail. And when your kids ask how it's balancing like that - be sure to tell them it's Nova Scotia magic!



We made it. Balancing rock. No filter. #visitnovascotia #digby #longisland

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  1. Hike the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton - The view from the Skyline Trail will take your breath away. You might even spot a moose on this 7.5 km return trip.



It was a great way to spend a birthday #capebreton #cabottrail #visitnovascotia #explorecanada

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  1. Visit Victoria Park - Pack a picnic and spend the day, there are a lot of places to explore in the park. You can cycle and walk in the park. Bring your suit and swim under the waterfalls and your energy to climb all the ladders - especially the biggest one, Jacob's Ladder.



  1. Go to a Upick: There's nothing sweeter than a bucket of berries except for the face of your little one picking berries. Plus you'll have lots of healthy treats on hand for the road trip. 



  1. Go Cycling: If your family likes to travel with bikes there are trails all over Nova Scotia to explore. You can venture along one of our self-guided routes or take a tour with one of our operators. Looking for a cycling event? Take in Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie on September 27, 2015. This 118 km loop will take you all along the the Acadian Shore (must be 19 years of age to particpate).



Don't have your bike with you? Don't worry you can rent them at several locations. You can also rent a bike and take a tour in downtown Halifax.



I Heart bikes #bicycle #bike #Halifax #visitnovascotia @haligonia.ca #ilovebikes #summer #novascotia

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  1. Go on Segway Tour: glide around the city on your very own Segway. You can choose from a selection of tours to suit your family. (Must be 16 to ride. Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).



  1. Take a Family Surf Lesson: Always wanted to learn to surf? Here's your chance to impress your kids! Or not. Must be able to swim and also laugh at yourself.



  1. Play on the Halifax Waterfront: There is always something going on on the Halifax Waterfront. Festivals and events like the Halifax Busker International Festival. Great places to eat from the food and ice cream shacks to the restaurants and Halifax Seaport Market. There are places to play, like the nautical themed playground or on this cool piano! And lots of places to see like the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic



Maritime melodies

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  1. Go back in Time: There are all kinds of places to learn a little history, all while having a little family fun. At the Halifax Citadel Historic National Historic Site you can tour an 18th century Fort. Watch re-enactments, like the noon gun, by the 78th Highlanders, take a ghost tour and even become a soldier for a day



#Halifax #NovaScotia #visitnovascotia #VictoriaDay 

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Visit Sherbrooke Village on the Eastern Shore, a 19th century boom town thriving on timber and gold. Meet costumed blacksmiths, potters and weavers and try your hand at various activities.



First day of rural ministry. Welcome to Sherbrooke Village. #novascotia #anglican #visitnovascotia #sherbrookevillage

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At Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse, in Lower West Pubnico on the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores, you can learn about the Acadian heritage of this early 1900's seaside village. Experience fishing and farming tradtions practiced 100 years ago, while enjoying a little Acadian food and hospitality.



What a great day at Le Village Historique de la Nouvelle Écosse! #visityas #visitnovascotia @yarmouthandacadianshores

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At the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site in Cape Breton, you'll travel back to 1745, to a time when the French and English fought for control of the New world. Everything at the Fortress is authentic, from the costumes, to the food, to the characters you'll meet. There are re-enactments and soldiers who never break character, so be on your best behaviour!



  1. Visit a maple farm for the best family breakfast of your whole vacation! One of the most delicious tours you can possitbly go on is at Sugar Moon Farm which is open year round. While you are there hike the beautiful Rogart Mountain trail and work up an appetite before you enjoy your all-you-can-eat whole grain pancakes.



Marvellous maple

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  1. Go Tidal Bore Rafting: This is an adventure you won't soon forget. With several tours to choose from, you'll ride tides ranging from 11 ft to 53ft (extreme tides). Suit up and hold on tight, you're about to get wet! 



  1. Become a Lumberjack for a Day: Meet Darren Hudson, World Champion lumberjack, who comes from generations of lumberjacks. At Darren's Axeperience you're guaranteed a whole lot of fun as you try your hand (and feet) at tree climbing, axe throwing, sawing and even logrolling. 



Canada Day Axe Throwing! #CTVCanadaDay #canadaday #canada #axe #axethrow #lumberjack #wildaxe #visitnovascotia

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  1. Look at the stars: The best places to star gaze are those with the darkest skies. Journey into the night sky at Kejimkujik National Park's Dark Sky Preserve where you can join Parks Canada Interpreters to learn about the sky through the lens of astronomy and the culture and stories of the Mi'kmaw people. Looking for even more adventure under the starlight? Paddle to the Perseids - a two day event from August 11-12 - is packed with family fun, including a guided kayaking excursion, a cook out over an open fire, guided interpretive hikes, campfire stories and much more. 



  1. Go to the Zoo: Oaklawn Farm Zoo has 50 acres to explore with a wide variety of local and exotic mammals like big cats, birds and reptiles. Local tip, call ahead to find out when they feed a lot of the animals to get the best view. 



#visitnovascotia #zoo #llama #wildlife

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Shubenacadie Provinical Wildlife Park is situated in 50 acres of natural woodlands. Here you will find many species native to Nova Scotia as well as some exotic ones. Learn about species at risk. 


Hope for Wildlife in Seaforth on the Eastern Shore is an animal rehabilitation facility that has become quite well known in recent years due to the work of Hope and her incredible team. Their work in the resuce and rehabillitation of thousands of injured wildlife has been shared in the popular TV show Hope For Wildlife. You can visit the centre from 10 am to 4 pm daily. 


This guy has my heart. #bestdayever #hopeforwildlife #owl #birdofprey #falconry

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