Peggy's Cove From A Different Angle

Par jcyr, sur Wed, 15 Oct 2014 | 0 Comments

The "land of confusion" nickname came from the spider web of trails that wiggled all over the coastal barren landscape. We opted to do a 4 km loop on a very clear day. 

We started out at a parking lot across from the baseball field in the nearby community of West Dover. There were no dedicated trail head signs, we looked for the most beaten down path. I found the terrain was something from the Lord of the Ring movies; barrens with large granite boulders sprinkled across the landscape. This type of landscape is one of a handful of areas in Nova Scotia that displays what was left after the ice age; granite boulders were dragged all over the place when the ice receded.

As we hiked, we could see in the distance the community of Peggy's Cove. The terrain along the hike was mostly easy rolling hills. Along the way, we noticed on top of the highest point what looked to be chairs - so we decided to try to reach that point.

It took a few attempts to figure out the route to get on the right path. We could see over great distances due to the barrens, but making out where the paths went proved to be much more difficult. We reached the summit and the chairs to be a picnic table. So we unloaded our packs and enjoyed a light lunch and took in the view. And what a view it was- a panoramic view of the coastline on this clear day.  We looked to the left and we could see the shorter Polly's Cove hiking trail; another great destination. 


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