Outdoor Adventure

There's a feeling you get when you find a spot for the perfect vacation. That feeling is spontaneity, and here, it guides you anywhere you want to go. Explore hundreds of hiking and cycling trails, or our vast oceans for surfing, rafting and whale watching.
All you have to do is take yourself there.

Adventure On Film

Answer the call of the open road and embark on Nova Scotia’s most beautiful outdoor adventures. Watch these exciting road trip videos – bursting with spontaneity, packed with flavour, and filled with spots to snap the perfect picture. Discover some of Canada’s best scenic drives and explore all the places in between – from the sandy beaches of the southern shore to the famous Cabot Trail.

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In Nova Scotia, finding great places to go on an adventure is easy - finding time to see it all is the tricky part. Here, our stunning scenic routes, romantic getaways, and delicious dining destination are just the start. Discover world-famous lighthouses, pristine coastline, and fun, friendly people in a place where there are no wrong turns. See more road trips.

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