Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

A visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site in Cape Breton is like taking a step back in history to a time when the French and English crowns fought for control of the New World, and all of Nova Scotia was a battleground. The Fortress is the largest historical reconstruction in North America and offers an incredible window to all aspects of life as lived by some of our first European settlers.

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Beggar’s Banquet 

Dine 18th century style at the Beggar's Banquet in Louisbourg.

The Beggar’s Banquet, based on the historical tradition of holding a secret banquet for the poor, is unlike any other dining experience in Nova Scotia. In a setting reminiscent of an 18th century working-class tavern, you’re invited to attend wearing reproduction period costumes that are provided by the hosts. While you dine you’ll be treated to storytelling, dance, and traditional music of the period.

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Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail

Part of the Louisbourg reconstruction, this 55 foot lighthouse was completed in 1933. It sits on the site of Canada’s first lighthouse and the second in North America. Portions of the original lighthouse foundation, built by the French in 1734, are still visible. The site also features hiking trails that provide stunning views of the area, complete with interpretive panels highlighting the region’s history and surrounding natural wonders.

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Experiences at Louisbourg

A trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg is like taking a step back in time with experiences that allow you to get hands-on learning. Discover the Heritage Chocolate in the Chocolate Treats Workshop, take part in a historic rum tasting of the Fortress Rum, or time travel back into everyday lives within Louisbourg and tackle some 'new' old skills.

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Places to Stay

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