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Uncommon Common art


Uncommon Common Art

This artistic road trip features a community-wide art exhibit that highlights the beauty of Annapolis Valley & the Bay of Fundy, and the abundance of creative people who live here.

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Off Key, On Track.

See the installation Off Key by Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell. This interesting piece presents art from discarded objects such as pianos and mirrors.


13,000 Years of Impact

You’ll love Grand Pre People Past & Present by Jean Leung. 13 figures, painted on dried gourds, reflect on the impact of people & animals on the landscape of Grand Pre for the last 13,000 years.


My Left Sock

Take a minute to check out My Left Sock by Laura MacNutt This installation exploits the conundrum of missing socks. The clothesline serves as a gallery of socks and ‘empty’ clothespins so that others may share their mismatches.



Discover Roost by Paul Rogers while you drive. The side of the hog barn is transformed to resemble an iconic birdhouse, best viewed from a distance, specifically driving northbound on the 101.


Belong in Nature

Random Rocks/Particular Patterns by Judith Leidl lets you provoke your innately understood universal knowledge that human beings are a part of and belong in nature.


Scars are Gold

24 Karat by Jessica Winton is an interesting piece that uses nature. Look carefully in the trees to find the scars where limbs were removed and gold leaves were applied and grown over.


Old Rising

See Old Rising by Brad Hall. Get close, sit, move way back, sit, close your eyes and let your fingers see.


The Meaning of Family

Perhe by Sanna Rahola is a sculpture that focuses on the meaning of family and how it can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways.


Mermaids are Real

Find the beauty in everyday things with Muriel, Slightly Used Mermaid by D. Marie Jardine. Made completely out of found and recycled items.



What was Left Behind: Wharf by Genevieve Killin is an artwork mimics the pylons of the once substantial wharf seen only at low tide in Scott’s Bay.


Split Fish

Cape Split Fish by Colleen Gerrits and Doretta Groenendyk is a piece inspired by the ocean waters that surround the trail. Experience the illusion of swimming along the shimmering forest floor.



Nature takes its course with Economy… by Nistal Prem de Boer and Dick Groot. Look along the hiking trail until you find the intriguing wind powered sculpture.


Moby Dick

Let My 6° of Moby Dick by Kevin West catch your eye. This sculpture makes reference to the whaling ship Essex and its lost souls.


Nature is Listening

Stay intrigued with We are listening, are YOU? (stone and wood, wood and stone) by Dave Cudworth This installation emphasizes the idea that the trees are listening, as are all things in the natural world.


Tide and Time

Tide and Time by North Mountain United Tapestry Cultural and Heritage Society is made from driftwood and branches that are layered and interwoven, you can enjoy the view and add a treasure, found or made.


Yet to Come

After July 13 you can find Yet to Come by a group of the 2014 UCA artists. This year several of the artists will get together to create a collaborative art piece in the area.


Defy Gravity

See the wonders of art come to life with Reisa by Eileen Boyd. Viewed from the road passers-by see a glimpse of magic where gravity is defied.



Catch Qwilleran by Twila Robar-DeCoste which suggests the woodlands are full of creatures to admire and respect and Qwilleran is a creature with a story to tell.