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Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore transports you from the hustle and bustle of your daily life to a place where you play by nature’s rules. This is the Atlantic coastline at its rugged, wild, wind-swept best. Max and Karen found it liberating to shut off the online world for a little while and enjoy the real world. They stopped by the local smokehouse for world-famous smoked salmon and picnicked on spectacular Tor Bay Beach where between the sky, the sea, and the shore Karen felt like they were starring in their own postcard. If off the beaten path is your thing, then the Eastern Shore is your destination. 

The song featured in this video is called ‘Where am I going?’ by JUNO award nominee and Halifax native Matt Mays who has to date recorded five full length albums and is currently hard at work in the studio on his sixth. 



Hiking around Tor Bay Beach it felt like the beach belonged only to us. I could have stayed from sunrise to sunset but we ran out of that amazing smoked salmon!


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